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The Kitchen of our Restaurant is the strong, prestigious, element of the country house.

Employing unique local foods, partially self-produced, is able to offer traditional Umbrian (or chef's own) cuisine in the season with that strong taste that bring us back to those tasted in the grandmother's house on Sunday morning. The following are typical examples of menus available:

Antipasti Primi Secondi Dolci
Crostini di milza Pancotto Stracotto Sangiovese Cantucci
Barbazza e salvia Pappa al pomodoro Piccione ripieno Torta di nocciole
Peperoni al verde Peperoni al verde Pollo ruspante al forno Crème caramel
Frittate di Pasqua Riso con uva e barbazza Faraona alla leccarda Tiramisù
Tempura di verdure Riso al gorgonzola Braciole di pecore Serpentone
Pizza e capocollo Gnocchi al sugo di pecora Trota il gelso Panpepato


The menu is proposed and agreed with the guests in the morning for breakfast and is accompanied by the desired beverage, in particular the three wines "Luì d'or" "Riserva" and "Fornace" self-produced with no sulfites added by vines grechetto, sangiovese and ciliegiolo.


All desserts including ciambellone, cake and pie which are served at breakfast are packed fresh from our restaurant.

A dinner by candlelight on the terrace under the benevolent gaze of the mountains Gabbio and Solemn is an opportunity not to be missed and kept in the drawer of memories.