( Use of vouchers, from March 24 to October 24 except from the 10 al August 24 )


Booking Contract
1. Subject of Agreement
IL GELSO SRL, with registered office in via case sparse n1 Ferentillo 05034 Terni ,offers companies and customers a wide choice of stays ( Attachment A ) at competitive prices.
This document defines the terms drawn up by IL GELSO SRL for purchase by the service and stays as defined below in paragraph 2. These conditions must be accepted by you before your purchase of travel services as defined below.
2. Kind of services offered
"Packages and accommodation" available on-site or in 'Annex A of this document, including:
a. transport if required (airports of Rome and Perugia) (Terni and Spoleto railway stations);
b. accommodation;
c. tourist services not ancillary to transport and housing.
3. Contract parties
The Purchase of a Voucher is a contract between you and the supplier IL GELSO SRL, which is briefly covered by the following points :

• choice of voucher from the proposed on-site , or in 'Annex A of this document.
• Payment by bank transfer of the voucher and send your e-mail /postal address for delivery of the voucher.

• Booking via e-mail or phone for the stay . Stay.
This will determine the time and place of the contract.
4. Conditions for tour packages and individual travel services
The supply of package tours is governed by the general sales conditions of the Convention
on international travel contracts (hereinafter the "CCV") of 04.23.1970, ratified in Italy by Law No 1084 of 1977 and Legislative Decree No. 206 of 09.06.2005 (Consumer Code).
You must therefore, before proceeding with the purchase of the package, examine and accept these terms of sale that govern every aspect of the Purchase.
5. How to purchase the vouchers to Stay
5. 1. Purchase Voucher

chose of the voucher from Table A-site
The voucher can be used by March 24 to 24 0ttobre except for the period August 10 to 24.

Booking is at lest least 10 days before date of arrival via e-mail , or phone.
You require the availability of the room indicating: the desired days, the voucher number, your details (name, e-mail, ...) and any additional requests .

Il Gelso will respond by sending the booking confirmation by e-mail within 48 hours.
If any detail was not properly reported, the User must immediately contact Il Gelso .
In case of unavailability of rooms and user can not change data Il Gelso propose a property of equal or greater in the area.
5.2 Methods of payment.

If the Payment is by bank transfer:
Beneficiary : Il Gelso srl
Bank account : IT 41 E 06 055 14 401 000 000 000 531
The Bank and Il Gelso will also need to know type of voucher chosen , for example, A3C

And its cost.

Finally, Il Gelso will also need your e-mail address / postal address for delivery of the voucher .
5.3 Special Offers and restrictions. Tenders advertised on the Site are subject to availability, provided that in the time of purchase will appear on the site only deals.
5.4 Price. For Purchases of more than 3 vouchers, will be paid to you an additional discount of 5%.
5.5 Information and Delivery voucher.

Before departure, the user will receive a booking confirmation by e-mail . You must check the accuracy of the information given on the booking confirmation, dates of arrival and departure, room type and number of services booked. (Lunch / dinner, lessons in canoeing, rafting, museums tickets reservation ...).
When you arrive to the country house you have to give the voucher at the front desk where you will receive the informations for each additional service purchased and the list of contracted facilities, from which you can use of these services.
5.6 Changes before purchase
For each change from the proposed package, considering for example. the inclusion of a child's bed in the room, the reduction for a single room, full board, you can not make the purchase online, but the User may contact IL GELSO SRL .
5.7 Changes after the purchase
After the purchase of the voucher will be possible to make changes to the services directly

with the agreed purchase IL Gelso srl.
5.8 Withdrawal
The consumer may cancel the contract without paying any penalty in case of significant change of one or more elements of the contract objectively as essential for the enjoyment of the accommodation package as a whole and proposed by the organizer in advance and not accepted by the consumer .
In the above cases, the consumer has the right either:
- Make use of an alternative stay, at no extra cost or with the return of the price, if the second package of stay has less than the first;
- The return of the voucher and its repayment. The refund and repayment shall be made within seven working days from receipt of the request for reimbursement.
The consumer must communicate his decision (to accept the amendment or withdrawal) not later than two working days from the time of receiving the notice of increase or modification. In the absence of express notice within such period, the proposal made by the organizer is considered accepted.
In the consumer may cancel the contract, in addition to the above requirements and provided by CCV, by giving notice in writing to IL GELSO SRL and supporting the following penalties:
- 30% for withdrawal from the day after the reservation until 15 days before your arrival;
- 50% for depths from 14 to 7 days before your arrival;
- 75% for depths from 6 to 3 days before your arrival;
- 100% cancellation of 2 days before your arrival.
6. Substitutions
The consumer who has booked renouncing and waiving permit may be substituted by another person provided that:
- The organizer is informed by e-mail or telephone at least 2 days before the date fixed for the departure, receiving the identity of the transferee (ex art. Cod Cons 89.)
- The same services or other services can be provided in place following the replacement;
- The substitute return to the organizer all additional costs incurred to replace, to the extent that will be quantified before the sale.
7. Complaint
Any failure in the performance of the contract will be contested by the customer without delay so that the organizer or the service provider you can put an early correction.
If not, can not be denied the breach of contract.
The consumer must also - under penalty of forfeiture - a complaint by sending a registered letter with return receipt to the organizer or seller, not later than ten working days from the date of return to the town.
Excludes all cases where the breach is attributable to the consumer, depends on the acts of a third unforeseeable or unavoidable, or a fortuitous event or force majeure.
8. Personal data
The processing of personal data carried out by IL GELSO SRL with and without electronic means, intended only to satisfy your request and is based on principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency, protecting the privacy and rights of the User (D. 196/2003).
User's personal information will be treated in accordance with those described in our Privacy Policy.
9. Regulatory Provisions
For each additional item not specifically provided for in this contract refers to the general conditions of sale of the CCV.

10. Info

For further information, please contact us at Tel +393331083918 or e-mail

11.  Attachments (click on the link below to open and save a copy of the contract)





Prices (including VAT) voucher per room including breakfast

Voucher Room People Nights Price € Price € HB Vouch. HB
A2 Double-bedded 2 2 140 210 A2C
A3 Double-bedded 2 3 190 290 A3C
A5 Double-bedded 2 5 310 470 A5C
B2 Double + single 3 2 190 290 B2C
B3 Double + single 3 3 270 410 B3C
B5 Double + single 3 5 440 680 B5C
C2 Three singles 3 2 190 290 2C2
C3 Three singles 3 3 270 410 C3C
C5 Three singles 3 5 440 680 C5C
D2 Double + 2 singles 4 2 210 350 D2C
D3 Double + 2 singles 4 3 300 500 D3C
D5 Double + 2 singles 4 5 460 780 D5C

Double used as single or different periods

to be agreed vith IL GELSO